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Caring For Your Laptop

Caring For Your Laptop – After spending your hard earned cash on a notebook pc, and relying on it in a variety of ways, some time should be spent looking after your investment to make it work more efficiently, and to prolong its life.

Caring For Your Laptop2

The Screen

Some notebooks come with their own cleaning cloth. If not, ask your local pc store about a spray or what is best for cleaning the display. Do not use household domestic cleaners. As a last resort and if your budget is stretched, just use a damp cloth. Make sure you unplug the power from the machine before you start cleaning.

If you are using a spray, never apply it directly to the screen, as it can run down the screen and into the circuitry. Instead, spray a small amount onto a soft cloth and then very carefully wipe the screen. Do not apply too much pressure. Never use tissues or even a wool based cloth as these can damage the display with scratches and also leave behind residual fibers. The best type of cloth to use is something similar to the cloth you use to clean your sunglasses.

The Battery

If your notebook is going to be left idle for more than two weeks, or it will be continuously plugged into AC power, take the battery out. If your notebook spends most of its time plugged into AC power, it’s a good idea to run the battery down once a week until it is completely flat, and then fully charge it.

The Keyboard

Over time the keyboard on your system will collect dust, food crumbs and all sort of other rubbish. After a while the rubbish works its way between the keys and actuators and makes typing less accurate.

As a way of dislodging some of the build up in your keyboard, turn off your notebook, open up the screen and then turn it upside down. Being very gentle, shake it sideways a couple of times and tap on the underside and around the edges of the case. This should remove some of the larger particles.

If you want to take it one step further, you could try using a can of compressed air to blast away the dust etc. Just be careful you don’t jam objects in place even tighter.

To clean up the keys, use a lint free cloth moistened with water. Go very easy on the water as you don’t want the water to seep anywhere.

The Chassis

To give the chassis on your laptop a clean, it is a very good idea to contact the manufacturer first, on their tech support line, for advice on how to clean your particular model. The reason for this is there are so many different types of materials used in the making of cases.


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