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Hello, we are Professional Digital marketer with 15 years experience in Digital Marketing and legal writing, I have managed various digital marketing agencies in the past and I have helped to bring a tremendous increase in sales to my clients through digital marketing. My areas of expertise are Content writing, social media management, and marketing, Email copy writing, Seo content writing, and lots more. I am creative, humble and very passionate about seeing my clients enjoying success in their business. I look forward to working with you. faq meaning.


Most frequent questions and answers

We can provide custom offers that will best fit your needs. Send a message with your requirements and we will provide the best options.

Simple, we have been providing these services for our clients for years and have boosted their rankings by doing SEO in a way that gives us Google Love. We provide the same process when doing your BackLinks.

Nobody legitimate offers guarantees in SEO, there are over 100 factors that affect your rankings. What I can tell you is that we’ve helped 1000s of customers reach their goals and will do our best to help you reach yours.

Yes, we do – although your content will be in English.

All of them, we don’t discriminate, everyone deserves a chance at ranking!

This is quite a hard question to answer, on average it takes between 3-5 weeks to start seeing traction in rankings, however I cannot guarantee this.

No, we’ve been doing SEO for over 12 years, there is no way we will provide a service that can jeopardize our clients’ websites.

The CONTEXTUAL links are permanent indeed, and we can replace them if they ever go down. As for the diversity backlinks, some will be deleted by webmasters as its normal for these types of links, they will not be replaced.

I don’t provide hosting. However, i can recommend a wordpress friendly hosting like hostgator to start with.

This is quite a hard question to answer, on average it takes between 3-5 weeks to start seeing traction in rankings, however I cannot guarantee this.

You Are 100% Safe. You will NOT Be Penalized. You have NO risks.

I can work with most sites in most niches & industries. No adult sites or anything illegal

This is where your site name or brand name is used along with your links in the content. this will help to improve brand visibility.

Yes. I can provide you with steps for best practice and what to do when setting up your website so you can hit the ground running and to avoid common mistakes that will set you back before you even get started.

Yes. I have a security pack specifically for this. This option can be selected when you select any package and be added to your order

I provide 25 keywords to use. I do detailed keyword research ensuring the keywords you are provided with are keywords that you can rank for & also look at competition for them carefully and provide you with a detailed breakdown & information on each keyword. when you select any package and be added to your order

Sure, you are fully authorized to use your logo animation video anywhere you want.

yes, we can do migration and we’ve been doing it since you were not here.

We can fix all kind of issues and can help clients avoid them.

Yes, we do and had developed themes for many clients.

If I fail to provide my service or if the results are not satisfactory, you can ask for a refund.

You will be billed. The gig includes only my service cost.

1 STEP – I will need access to your Ad account and Facebook page ( I will provide instructions) 2 STEP – I will create an advertising strategy for the specific period 3 STEP – I will research a target audience, create an ad copy, set up your ads, and split-test them.

Some businesses see results from the first day and some after months of extensive testing and optimizations this is why I can’t give a straight answer. In all cases, you must have realistic expectations. Becoming profitable from the first week of testing is not always possible.

Absolutely! I will manage your Facebook ads for one week, one month, or a few months. To upgrade to Facebook ad management order my gig extra for one week of ad management. MUST order Standard & Premium Packages to use this service. If you need longer than a week, then I can supply a custom offer.

I can add the Facebook pixel to the following sites: Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Leadpages, Clickfunnels, Instapage, Squarespace, Unbounce, Woocommerce, Get Response, Eventbrite or Big Comm. Any other sites not listed please contact me first to review.

Yes, I create targeted Facebook Ads that are placed in the newsfeed and are shown to REAL Facebook users. These users then decide to click like on your ad to follow your page. If interested in Facebook Like Ads you can order my Standard or Premium Packages. I DO NOT SELL fans, bots,or clicks.


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