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Sunroofing – Do you want to add a sunroof to your vehicle? Well! I am here with a step-by-step guide about sunroof installation. So let’s start.


Installing a sunroof in your car or vehicle can add value and make the driving experience more enjoyable. However, adding an aftermarket sunroof is an extensive and in-depth task that involves special skills and equipment, so it may not be a viable choice for most hobby mechanics.


Keep in mind that cutting a hole in your vehicle roof can cause leaks that can damage your vehicle’s interior. Moreover, adding an aftermarket sunroof in a later market will remove any warranty on your vehicle.

Item need in the process:

To start the process, you must have all items needed in sun roofing to begin the process. Items include Sunroof kit, Sheet metal shears, Sheet or tarp, Screwdrivers, Metal primer, Metal file, Wire nuts, Drill and bits, Sealant, and Razor knife.

Choose the sunroof to install:

There are lots of aftermarket sunroofs available on the market in different sizes. You can choose any which is according to your budget and meet your requirements. Such are pop-up sunroofs, electric sunroofs, and sliding roofs. Electronic sunroofs are more expensive than others.

Measure the roof of the vehicle:

Now take the measurements of your vehicle‘s roof. Start measurement from left to right until your vehicle roof turns towards the windows. Similarly, measure from front to back. Note down the dimensions of the flat area of ​​the top so that you can choose the sunroof kit.

Cutting a hole for sunroof:

After taking the measurements, purchase a sunroof kit, cover the vehicle roof with a masking strip or tape and put a sunroof template over the masking tape. Now it’s time to trace the template first and then start cutting. Then drill four holes in the roof, draw a line between every two holes, and cut along trace lines.

Takeout the cut part:

Examine the opening you cut and make sure you completely removed the metals inside the detected area. If there are any minute pieces of metal left inside, use the Nibbler tool to cut them. When you are done with the cutting, be careful while removing the cutting metal because it is very sharp and could hurt your hand.

Installing the Sunroof:

And the last step is installing the sunroof. Perform the following tasks:
Take away the masking strip and file the rough edges.
Apply a clear coat on the recently exposed metal.
Cover the frame with the weather sealing and leave it in place.
Slide the inside frame into place.
Install the sunroof.


Hence, this was a detailed guide on installing a sun roof in your car or vehicle. However, this process is quite challenging but can be successfully performed by an expert guide. So if you also want to add a sunroof. Go through the steps mentioned above and get a lot of benefits.


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