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Mobile Friendly Websites :What’s The Big Deal About Mobile-First

If you are in the web development industry, then Mobile First is not a new term. For example, Google interface uses the Mobile-first for every new web domain. However, first, let’s see what mobile-first does with the new domains.

Mobile Friendly Websites11

According to its name, mobile-first means converting the new website into mobile compatibility design and then in a standard website design.

If someone fails to design a website mobile-first, you will pay a lot more costly to create a website compatible with mobile devices. This information leads many companies to update their websites by approaching Mobile First.

mobile friendly websites22

So mobile first bring a big deal for all web developers and designers. Here we will share some interesting facts regarding mobile First that help you in understanding it.

What does Mobile First mean for old websites?

The meaning of Mobile-first for older websites based on their layout and design, but the results may similar to:

mobile friendly websites2233

The dynamic server that prioritizes the content according to mobile design compatibility
Responsive website design that means there are no changes require in your website
Canonical Amp that means no change required as both mobile and website layout is same
Desktop-only mode means no changes because there is a competitor site to compare your website’s bot.

Benefits of Mobile-First Design

If you are new to web designing and come to know the Mobile First for the first time, you may ask why it is essential. So here we will share some crucial benefits of mobile-first that help you use and make a compatible website.

Google Ranking

During 2010 the Mobile world conquered every other platform, so Eric Schmidt announced that mobile-first must implement. So now Google is considering it and ensure that every website has mobile-first indexing. But still, more than half webpages have a mobile-first implementation, and the remaining are struggling to update their websites. For more information go here.

However, if you have the mobile-first at your website, you have better SERP and maintain your ranking position.

Mobile Conversions

It is a fact that more peoples have mobile devices than web or PC users. So if your website has mobile-first, then it increases the traffic. Moreover, according to a study conducted by Google, it is stated that more than 40% of transactions are over mobile devices. So it allows you are having more clients and customers reviews that also help you grow faster.

Your Audience

As we already said that you could get more audience through mobile-first. Moreover, according to another study, 16% of US users use their smartphones to access the website. The other developing countries also have higher numbers in using smartphones.

Improve Your Image

Keep in mind that your audience is modern who also wants to see the updated websites. So according to this fast mobile-first is a must for updating the websites.

Final verdict

Summing up the above discussion, it is clear that if you start a new business and build a website yet, ensure you make a website mobile-first. We hope this article helps you in understanding the meanings of mobile-first.

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