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Website Enhancements & Add-ons

  • Form Builder ($97): Convert casual visitors into loyal customers with our intuitive form builder, designed to capture information seamlessly and generate more leads.
  • NFT Maker ($97): Embrace the digital revolution. Create and sell your unique digital assets with our easy-to-use NFT Maker service.
  • Anti-Spam ($97): Keep your website pristine with our advanced anti-spam service, dedicated to blocking unwanted traffic and protecting your site’s integrity.
  • Booking System ($97): Simplify customer reservations with our streamlined booking system, enhancing user experience and driving higher conversion rates.
  • Multi-Vendor Marketplace ($247): Foster a thriving online community with our multi-vendor marketplace service, creating a dynamic platform for multiple sellers to engage with eager customers.
  • Document Embedding ($97): Integrate key documents directly into your website with our document embedding service, providing convenient access for your users and boosting your site’s functionality.
  • Event Ticket System ($97): Seamlessly manage event registrations and ticket sales with our efficient event ticket system, making event planning and execution a breeze.
  • LIVE Video Streaming ($247): Engage your audience in real-time with our premium live video streaming service, creating interactive, memorable experiences for your viewers.
  • Podcasting ($97): Leverage the power of audio with our podcasting service, delivering engaging content to your audience, anytime, anywhere.
  • Pay Per View ($97): Monetize your exclusive content with our pay-per-view service, providing a robust revenue stream for your business.
  • Gamification ($247): Boost user engagement and retention with our gamification service, turning mundane interactions into exciting, reward-driven experiences.
  • Google Maps ($97): Enhance user convenience with our Google Maps integration service, providing precise location details and boosting your local SEO efforts.
  • Course Creator & Manager ($247): Become an online education powerhouse with our course creator & manager service, facilitating easy creation, management, and delivery of online courses.
  • Speed & Performance Optimization ($247): Keep your website running at peak performance with our optimization service, improving loading speed, user experience, and ultimately, your SEO ranking.
  • Paid Membership System ($247): Create a loyal community and generate recurring revenue with our paid membership system, providing exclusive content and perks to premium members.
  • YouTube Gallery ($97): Showcase your video content in style with our YouTube gallery service, embedding your video collection directly on your website for easy viewing.
  • Social Media Feed ($97): Enhance your site’s engagement by integrating a live social media feed, fostering a dynamic interaction between your website and social media platforms.