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Reasons For Replacing Shingles

Reasons For Replacing Shingles – Are you confused regarding the replacement or repair of the roof shingles? It is an important decision that every person needs to take at the right time. Here we will share some important reasons to help you decide whether your shingles need repair or replacement.

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It is common for roof shingles to get blown during thunderstorms or fierce winds. The homeowners are curious about the safety of their house, so they call for professional roofers and get experienced services. They may temporarily repair the shingles, but it is not a long-term solution. We never know about the future weather conditions, so that the same thing may happen again and again with your roof shingles. So it is wise to replace the shingle with new shingles.

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However, here we will share the primary reasons to help you decide to replace the shingles.
So let’s dive into details.

Quality of Shingles

It is always wise to access the home accessories and their building materials. Similarly, check your shingles and ensure that they are high quality. Keep in mind that the grade and standards of the roof shingles represent their resistance to the harsh weather. So it is essential to check the material quality before installing it in your roof and upgrade them when you see a quality loss. It helps you to get the prolonged lifespan of roof shingles.

Shingles age

It is a fact that shingles also have a specific lifespan during which they work best against the resistance of weather conditions. However, as time passes, the shingle’s quality also loses its effectiveness. The average age of a shingle is around 10 to 15 years, but it is also based on specific factors, including exposure to sun and wind. Additionally, as we already said, check your roof wear and tear sign for taking the replacing and repairing actions.

Shingles nailed too high

Keep in mind that improper installation of the roof singles allows them to be blown away. Every shingles manufacturer provides a particular area to install on the roof and fasten the nails at the point. It helps to establish the shingles ideally. However, if you don’t follow the procedure, then it may end up in a mess. Also, if you install the singles nailed at the too-high position, its wind resistance reduces to a minimum.

Improper driving of roof nails

Roof shingles and their nails need to be fastened correctly. Ensure that they are not too tight or not loose for the security of shingles. In both cases of the over and under driving of the nails, the risk of blown away increases. So ensure that they are ideally driven at the place and fasten correctly. It helps to penetrate the nails making them resistant to the winds.

Lack of maintenance and care

Make a routine for inspecting the roof correctly. Keep in mind that your home exterior also needs the proper care as you do for the interior. But it is a fact that the exterior demands more maintenance as it faces harsh weather and winds.

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