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Ways For Installing The Roofing Shingles


Ways For Installing The Roofing Shingles – Do you want to install roofing shingles? Installing new roof shingles is a time-consuming and labor demanding project that also needs a lot of money. However, here we will discuss the best suitable way that helps you in installing your roof shingles.

Ways For Installing The Roofing Shingles111
It is advisable to hire a professional roofing company with an expert team and spend years installing, replacing, and repairing roof shingles. So by hiring a professional roofing company, you will also get expert opinions in every matter related to roofing and install the shingles perfectly.

However, if you want o to install the roof shingles yourself, you need to read this entire guide. Here we will share the step by step guide for installing the roofing shingles to install them like an expert.

So let’s dig into the procedure for installing the roofing shingles.

Installing the roofing shingles

Before starting the process, you need to ensure that you follow every step to avoid any blunders while installing the roof shingles. Installing a roof shingle includes eleven steps, and every effort is essential for getting the perfectly installed shingle. The action for installing the roof shingles have:

⦁ Start installing the shingle by lining up the aluminum drip on the edges of the roof. Create a pencil line at the top of each edge.
⦁ Take chalk and sit making a chalk line by snapping between the pencil marks. It helps make the straight edges.
⦁ Now pull the drip edges towards the down direction in about the half-inch from the line. It will help to create a gap between the drip edge and the board.
⦁ Take the best suitable length of the nails and nail the drip edges by using the hammer. For example, one ¼ inch galvanized roofing nails are preferable.
⦁ Now move toward the gabled ends by repeating the steps along the roof edge gable.
⦁ Now lay the roof shingling material like asphalt shingles felt paper. Lay them around 30 lb and nail them on the place using similar 1-1/4 inch roofing nails.
⦁ For creating the design in roof shingles, you need to start from the bottom of the roof. Place the tape after measuring 1/2 inch and ensure that every shingle over and each other at the drip edge.
⦁ For the first line of shingles at the top of the roof, mark the 12 inches and then keep every shingle at 5 inches to set a perfect design and reveal. Repeat this process on every side or edge of the roof.
⦁ Use chalk for creating the line and snap a straight line at every 5-inch increment.
⦁ Now use the chalk to draw the line vertically at every 6 inches.
⦁ Install the starter line by cutting the shingles according to their material and leave them on the top tar section.

We hope this guide will help you install the roof shingles according to the markings and get the perfect installation results.

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